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Possible Coach: Peter Laviolette

S N Y P E R S 7

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Okay, so we all know about this guy from his numerous rants captured on the tv series 24/7 NHL.

But would he be a good fit here?
My answer: YES.

He is a much more offensively strict coach, willing to use all 4 lines with that mindset working towards one goal - to SCORE goals. He is a very good coach that minds the D end but focusses on the O end.

My take?
REEL HIM IN!!!!!!!!!

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Snypers logic: "Geez I get multiple threads I created locked and get warned by mods about spamming so I guess I better create a new topic."


This. Seriously kid what are you 12? Stop making so many threads unnecessarily. Laviolette would be a terrible decision btw.
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