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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare


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The trailer has been leaked! Looks absolutely stunning.

Was not a fan of the last two COD's, however this looks good (so far)

It is also being developed by a new developer, Sledgehammer games (now a 3 year cycle between developers)




Cool little video from COD on the concept of the game


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I won't hold my breath, I play these games solely for the multiplayer. Until I see footage of that I'm not going to buy into the hype. The campaigns are always just a series of Mission Impossible flicks.

Same, I don't even end up finishing campaign half the time, but log days on multiplayer.

Played Ghosts for literally only a few hours, not a fan of the multiplayer. Got the game free though, was not interested in it at all.

I'll let it be released, check up on reviews and peoples opinions and then possibly buy it. NHL 15 should be out at the same time, so there is also that...

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