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Most Likely Off Season Buyout Candidates

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With the UFA looking slim for this summer, many teams may opt to use their 1 or 2 buyouts before that clause ends this year.

Who are the obvious team by team buyouts?

Van - Booth (some have said Burrows/Garrison which I doubt)

SJ - Havlat


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David Clarkson? He sure isn't worth the money even if he returns back to form next year.

That contract was set up to be failure right from the get go. Clarkson is a good asset to a team, but not for that financial commitment.

The same can be said about David Booth, it's quite possible that his performance towards the end of the season may have bought him another year with the Canucks. That being said; I would gladly cover Jason Garrisons' cab fare to YVR.

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I have a feeling Booth wont be bought out,, they will either trade him or keep him for his last year,,Canucks are paying out a lot of cash with the departures of Gillis and Torts.

I agree. With the Cap going up, I don't see the team needing to shed too much salary, (unless they go on a UFA buying spree, which I doubt they will) so they'll likely allow Booth to play out his current deal.

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