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So, for anybody who did Be a GM mode, how'd our prospects fair? I did 2 be a GM's, one at the start of the year, and one after the trade deadline.

Horvat busted bad in both. Never got past 81.

Shinkaruk hit 85 in my first Be a GM. Busted out entirely at 80 in my second file.

Jensen busted bad in file 1, but became a good second liner in file 2. 84 OA.

McCaan busted bad in file 1, but same thing as Jensen, except McCaan became an 86.

Cassels became a solid 3rd liner in both. 82 OA.

Virtanen became an 85-87 in both.

Baertschi busted at 81 in file 2.

Corrado busted out at 80 in both.

Clendening became an 87 in file 2.

Horvat usually 87-90

Shinkaruk 83-86

Jensen 80-84

Vey 80-84

McCann - 84-88

Cassels 82-85

Virtanen 87-91

Baertschi 85-88

Corrado 80-83

Gaunce 82-84

Subban 80-83

Pedan 79-81

Grenier 79-83

Kenins 82-83

Markstrom 84-88

Sometimes some bust

I tweak most of the important prospects in the game tho

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