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Bettman Press Conference (May 3, 2014)

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-Cap projections estimated 69-71mil.

- Condemns racial remarks. Endorses Neely's response.

- Loves the new alignment. Less wear and tear on teams during playoffs and better rivalries.

- Daly is assisting Stepan get comfortable with player safety replacing Shannaban.

- Seattle good hockey market and could have great rivalry with Vancouver but building is still main issue

- Staiduim series have been recieved great and host cities have loved them. Doesn't think they'll do 6 again. No news on building Winter Classic will be played in or team that will face Washington.

- Injuries are not increasing but decreasing according to NHL data. That data has not been made public.

- Concussion protocol asked in regards to Backes incident. Backes never proceeded with concussion protocol and returned within 7 days because he was claimed to have "upper body" injury. Bettman's response is that concussion protocol should begin at incident but it's ultimately up to team doctors to make call. Later asked if NHL will follow NFL and have independent people makes calls whether players are fit to play. Bettman replied they will evaluate that issue (he was trying hard not to throw team doctors under the bus)

- Quebec City in no different situation from other potential cities like Vegas. NHL still not ready for expansion. They will not expand for the sake of symmetry.

There wasn't anything really new here but for people who didn't know about these issues can feel up to date.

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I'd really like to see the injuries data, not calling him a liar but I'm not buying it, and not just because we had a plethora of injuries this year.

Also would be interesting to see something like (if they collected that data) length of recovery of injuries potentially over the years.

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umm ya that makes sense...some racist idiot fan on twitter says something so the bruins get disqualified? lol....

stupidest thing i have ever read

Who cares if it doesn't make sense. Whatever it takes to get them out of the playoffs.

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