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I have been a member of this board for several years as you can see. I visit it daily. I don't post so much any more as it has become a little boring. Constantly it is over controlled and administrated. In the past topics were allowed freely as other sports sites are. This site has truly become dissapointing as a fan. Stop locking every thread as all fans don't have time to dig deep for topics and enjoy to freely discuss. Lock this as you usually do

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You started a 16 word topic about coaches that have been discussed ad nauseum. First, please put a little more effort in when starting a thread. Second, do at least a cursory search before posting a thread. It's not difficult. Our moderation here is still quite lenient compared to other forums. We give a lot of leeway, so you know you've really screwed up when your topic is locked.

Finally, posts like this belong on the feedback forum or sent to me directly.

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