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If we had he 1st overall pick. Who should we draft?


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But we don't have the first overall pick and there are threads already asking about who should go first overall...


Welcome to the forums, but here's a link to a search I did about all the threads we have right now with the word 'draft' in the title. Take your time to explore the sub forums and see what's out there already, and you'll likely find a topic you can post your thoughts in.

After you're more familiar with the threads people have been creating, maybe then you can post your own thread but make sure you use the search option with any keywords your topic has, like 'draft' in this case, so that you're sure there aren't a bunch of existing threads on the topic.

From there, you'll want to make sure you have enough substance behind your thread that it's worth posting. A small sentence to ask a question probably doesn't cut it.

But, you'll get the hang of it and if you ignore all the crazies you might actually enjoy posting on CDC.

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If we draft 1st overall we ask Buffalo and Edmonton who they want and trade accordingly for a solid Prospect or extra picks

Vancouver will do better now with Reinhart or Dal Colle moving forward. Big stud winger or big stud center (and local)

With Dal Colle we get an awesome and talented winger allowing us to concentrate on every other aspect

With Reinhart we get that future 1c we are missing and now have one of the more enviable center pools in the league with Reinhart Horvat Cassels Gaunce Lain and more. That is 4 centers with awesome size and great skill sets

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Please stop talking about tanking. Any team that losses on purposes doesn't deserve to play in the NHL IMO. I'd like to think the Canucks are better than that.

Figured somebody will say this again.

Yeah, the Canucks wouldn't be losing on purpose. I just call it tanking because it sounds a bit better than just plain ol' sucking.

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How is this Canucks talk?

If one of the Canucks were picked to be the first nhl player to walk on the moon who would it be?

Bryz would be perfect to send to the moon. We trade for him then send him there.

Why not focus on players we can get with the draft pick we have?

Because there's already a bajillion + 1 threads on that.

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