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[Proposal] VAN-TB + VAN-TOR + Draft-Day/Offseason


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Linden said that he wants this team to get back into the playoffs, so I doubt a rebuild is on his agenda, but some proven youth and talent to energize the core is.


Hansen, Archibald/Friesen, 2015 3rd

Purcell, 7th http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/teams/players/bio/?id=6065

TRADE 2 (Toronto has defensive issues, we need young proven offense)

Tanev, Higgins, Gaunce, 1st (6th), 3rd

JVR, 1st (8th) http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/teams/players/bio/?id=6041

Toronto gets, IMO, one of the best young shutdown Dmen in the league, a hardworking 20 goal scorer + PKer, and a future checking 3C. Also, by acquiring Tanev, they can afford to ship out one of their Top 4 Dmen for another legit 20-goal scorer (Phaneuf could get more).

Next, I'd sign Nikitin for 4yrs@4.5m http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/teams/players/bio/?id=4713

I'd try to trade Garrison and maybe a couple B- prospects for a more mobile and physical Dman. (POLL ABOVE)

If all this goes through we'd have a 2014-15 lineup of... (prediction of 2014-15 performance per player in brackets)

Sedin (23G) - Sedin (15G) - JVR (33G)

Purcell (15G) - Kesler (30G) - Kassian (19G) } 217 goals

Burrows (20G) - Horvat (16G) - Jensen (18G)

Matthias (13G) - Richardson (8G) - Kenins (7G)

} 257 goals (4th in GF)

Hamhuis (6G) - Edler (10G)

Nikitin (5G) - Bieksa (7G) } 40 goals

Stanton (4G) - Garrison (8G)

Lack (2.5GAA)

Markstrom ( 2.85GAA) } Would end up being around 215 GA, approx. 11th in the league (better than CHI)

In conclusion...

+We'd be able to roll all 4 lines in nearly all situations

+If predictions are correct, we'd score 60 more goals and allow a little less than last season

+I believe that Edler will have a great bounce-back season

+Can sub in Corrado for Stanton

+If this lineup collapses in the playoffs or doesn't make them at all, then trade up at the 2015 draft for a future 1C.

+With the Leafs' 8th overall, draft ______ (POLL ABOVE)

EDIT: Lineup would leave us with around 3m in cap

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