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[Proposal] Since everyone is making unrealistic proposals

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Because YOLO





yeah you know this worked in nhl 14 [sarcasm]


1st overall



jannik hansen





This part of forum is needs a reality check……...

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The whole idea of proposals is absurd.

1. It's "Proposals and Armchair GM'ing. "Armchair GM'ing makes" sense. That's all this forum is. "Proposals" is nonsense. The word proposal suggests an actual proposal to whoever at the time is in charge of player affairs (usually GM, in our current circumstance it's President). To include the word proposal implies that a thought process of a random person on the internet actually can have an effect on someone in higher powers' judgement, when they (the higher powers) do not partake in such discussions with board members. I've always found the use of the word in the title of this forum silly. However, this is less significant than the following:

2. Nobody here has ever held a position where they have any say in any move that any team or GM may or may not make in any of the four north american sports leagues (NHL, NFL, NPA, MLB). I won't go out on the twig-size limb and claim to be better, or smarter, or to possess an ability to analyze a player or their worth, better than the average person on this board. But with that said, I am smart enough to know that no matter what the fantasy trade conjured up in here, none of us understand all the factors and implications that almost any move might involve. I see all the time, "That's bogus, Team A would never accept that; and Team B wouldn't propose it in the first place because ____!" Even on the incredibly rare occasion where someone does indeed predict an exact move that has occurred, reading through the comments in the hindsight reveals that even those moves that are clearly realistic (on account that they happened) have had people be quick to say it was terrible judgement on the proposer's part.

That's all kind of why I generally stay out of here. Its a fool's game, really. Unless you happen to get one of those "X for Y's" right, and they happen, and you can rub it in everyone's face later. But for 99% of the proposals, it's pointless bickery, really.

And with THAT said, it's fairly evident some people here need to learn a little bit more about satire, even if this thread isn't quite the best example.

For anyone coming in here to make the "That's a ridiculous idea! Crosby and Stamkos on the same team! To the loony bin with ya!," please. Please stop. We all know, that's the point.

Now, if you don't mind, I'll finish my rant at that...

... Aaaaaand grab another Jack McDaniel's. It is Dollar Drink days, you know...

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*Oh! Oh!

In addition to that, that was just a reply to most of what goes on in here in general. I had more to add but I'm getting the feeling I should stop before I hit that point where my train of thought is less of a train and more of a tar pit to others. On fire. With Littlefoot's mother in the middle of it.

Oh would you look at that, I've gone and made myself sad...

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