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[Proposal] - Mass Overhaul

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If the core of the Vancouver Canucks is this:




As a core, I'm extremely comfortable with that. With such a core, I see this team as such:

________ - ________ - KASSIAN

D. SEDIN - H. SEDIN - _________

________ - _________ - _________

________ - _________ - _________


________ - HAMHUIS

BIEKSA - __________

________ - _________




The rest of the players ought be reviewed, including rookies and recently traded to see if they fit.

How about hitting free agency and a few trades.

Trade with Winnipeg for Kane,

Trade for the best 1D available and pay the price for it,

Sign UFA Statsny, Alfredson, Bolland, Thornton, Parros.










Kesler, Edler, Garrison, and all other pieces not mentioned in this lineup, ought to be plenty in order to bring in Kane and a 1D. Make an offer to Nashville they cannot refuse. Even if those pieces are from other trades involving other teams. Then buy some time with UFAs and let the rookies properly grow instead of throwing them to the wolves like most mediocre franchises do.

Here's some grit, skill, size, and another run at the Cup.

Detroit built their dynasty on the back of UFA vets until the kids were ready.

They also had that major component almost every Cup winner has; a 1D.

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that will be too many moves......kassian hasn't proved that he is a top line player.....tanev, stanton and corrado are keepers in my book.........santorelli and higgins were the two most consistant players last year ....the kind of players this team needs....

lets try and move edler, booth and maybe kesler.....burrows, maybe but i think that he recovers his play for next year.....

our second line needs to be rebuilt....with or without kesler......add one good d-man....

players like higgins, hansen, santorelli, richardson, matthias and kassian can be very good players if they are not pushed too far up the line-up.....

who can they find to compliment kesler?.....gillis couldn't find anyone....samuelsson.....no, raymond...no, booth...no, higgins....somewhat but not the answer...grabner...no, burrows...no...the sedins....only on the power play.....

maybe we need 3 players that fit together well...like richardson, booth and kassian.....or with matthias....maybe santorelli.....

why get rid of everyone...it doesn't make sense.....fix what is broke, don't break it all.

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Am I the only one that thinks Kassian is better suited for a 3rd line role? Guy doesn't have the hockey smarts for top 6 just yet, if he ever develops it.

Kassian is a very intelligent player. Just very young. He made strides last year.

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Too many moves.

Bolland wants a lot. Not interested.

KANE - STATSNY - KASSIAN (5.250 - 7.500 - 0.870 - 13.620)

D. SEDIN - H. SEDIN - ALFREDSON (7.000 - 7.000 - 5.000 - 19.000)

MATTHIAS - BOLLAND - THORNTON (1.750 - 5.000 - 1.500 - 8.250)

SESTITO - RICHARDSON - PARROS (0.750 - 1.150 - 1.100 - 3.000)

WEBER - HAMHUIS (7.857 - 4.500 - 12.357)

TANEV - BIEKSA (1.600 - 4.600 - 6.200)

STANTON - CORRADO (0.550 - 0.600 - 1.150)

LACK (0.750)


TOTAL: $65,527,000

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Kassian is a very intelligent player. Just very young. He made strides last year.

I notice he passes on too many shots trying force passes. He doesn't drive the net as much as I'd like but I love how he uses his big body to shield the puck. I just think 3rd line gives us a ton of depth and gives him the sheltered minutes to thrive.
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Extremely comfortable with that core??? Sedins are on the decline and Kassian hasn't proven himself yet. I would say that core is acceptable at best.

And Lack and Markstrom scares me in net. We need to sign a veteran to split time with Lack next year.

As for UFAs, I would agree with Stastny if we trade Kesler. If not, go after someone more like Moulson to play on the wing with Kes. I would definitely agree with a guy like Bolland too. Parros, no thank you. No need for two goons on one team.

Weber? Nashville will never trade him and if they did it would pretty much gut our entire team to get him.

In general, too many moves. Will never happen....

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