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Van - Pitts (If Pitts Loses Game 7)

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Assuming Pitts loses game 7, clearly changes will need to be made there.

1. They will need more grit

2. They need more cap space to build out their team more. They are paying alot of money to their top 3 in Crosby, Malkin, Letang.

3. Something is off in that group, and its really the depth, you can't pay 3 players that much and have depth, doesn't work, so what's the alternative? Remove one of them, free up cap space and add depth.

4. They (Pitts) have 9.8 mil in cap space next year (assuming its 65 mil as now

expected) and only 14 players signed, they are in trouble.


Kesler, Edler, Gaunce and our first next year


Malkin and Pouliot

5. Pitts free's up cap space, gets more grit, gets two players who can help them (especially given cap issues) for the cost of one (Malkin) - again think about the cap here, they are able to get a player that they need in Kesler and one who can easily rebound in Edler with that group. This helps address some of their cap constraints as well.

6. This is a hockey trade that helps both teams incredibly. Pitts - Cap, Center with grit, youth up front to hopefully step in at 3c/4c and a defenseman who still has all star capability

7. Sign Callahan for 5.5 (this all works folks, check capgeek)

Kunitz / Crosby / Winger

Bennett / Kelser / Neal

Adams / Sutter / Dupuis

Pretty damn good top 3 with 10 mil in cap space left to find a winger and their bottom 3 (should be doable 5.5/1.5/1.5/1.5)


Letang / Martin

Edler / Matta

Bortozzo / Scuderi


Callahan / Malkin / Jensen

(Size, grit and skill to take on anyone in the west, and youth learning)

Sedin / Sedin / Kassian

(less pressure and focus on the twins, Kass (youth) gets his chance to move up)

Higgins / Horvat / Burrows

(Higgy and Burr, two great responsible wingers for Horvat to be safe with, and learn the two way game, no one better to learn from, again youth being played)

Matthias / Richardson / Hansen

(one of the best fourth lines in hockey)



Hammer / Tanev

Pouliot / Bieksa

Garrison / Stanton


Sorry formatting is messed!!!!

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Why would they give up an 8th overall pick in Pouliot who may end up being better than Edler?

It's basically Kesler, Gaunce and our 1st in 2015 for Malkin.. easy no from Pittsburgh.

10 mil in cap space at 65 mil, 14 players signed, good luck having a team that can compete if they dont move one of their big salaried guys

maybe it takes Jensen instead of Gaunce, but Jensen I do it anyways

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