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How much would it take to get Gibson out of Anaheim? The kid looks like the real deal and with our goaltending future looking questionable in my opinion, who would you trade for him? Is this an overpayment?

To Anaheim:



2014 1st

To Vancouver:



2014 1st (Ottawa)

I think Anaheim would possibly be open to trading him because they still have Hiller and Anderson, and there is also speculation that Ryan Miller could end up in Cali this summer because his wife wants to be there. If that were to happen then it could make Gibson expendable. I know we have Lack and Markstrom who are young but I don't know if Lack has what it takes to become elite and same goes for Markstrom. Havent seen enough of him yet to tell. Both great kids though.


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No way Anaheim trades Gibson, he'll be their future stud in net. Also, wouldn't want to trade Kes to another Pacific Division team and have to face Getzlaf AND Kesler several times each season as they lead the charge for the young forwards they have there.

Lastly, teams rarely trade star players essentially straight up for rookies, and, no matter how highly touted the rookie is (just look at how several years ago the top prospect, Brayden Schenn, had to be traded with Simmonds and a pick to get Mike Richards).

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