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AMBER ALERT: Child Abduction


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Abducted Alberta girls


An Amber alert has been issued in B.C. to help locate two young sisters who RCMP believe were taken by their biological mother.

Officials say Taya Meisel, 6, and her sister Talisha, 12, were picked up at their school in the hamlet of Brant near Vulcan, Alta., Monday morning.

A warrant has been issued for Trina Marie Meisel for two counts of abduction.


RCMP said Meisel does not have legal guardianship of the children.

Alberta RCMP said the reason an Amber alert was not issued earlier this week was because the girls were not in any immediate danger.

CBC News has learned that Meisel faces 24 charges of theft and a charge of setting a trap to cause bodily harm.

RCMP said the girls are at an increased risk the longer they are away from their legal guardian.

The major crimes unit from Calgary is leading the missing persons investigation, and has also taken over the files on the other charges that Meisel is facing.

Meisel, 48, is believed to be driving a 2007 black Honda CRV with Alberta licence plate of ORNRSE.

Police say they don't believe the girls are in immediate danger, but think they may have been taken to Vancouver Island.


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Hope the girls are fine. I do not understand why a loving mother would do this.

The reason could be that this isn't a descriptor of their biological mother.

It could also be some sort of psychological issue.

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I'm going to hope that the mother lost custody of the kids in court and decided that abduction was the only way to get them back. That being the case, they are probably not in danger.

However, if she didn't get custody, there's a good reason. The girls belong back with their legal guardian and the quicker this happens the better.

Small chance that they're in my little corner of the world, but I'll keep my eyes open nontheless...

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Also, please tell me that I'm not the only one that assumed the girls were black based on the names when hearing the Amber Alert on TEAM 1040.

no, when i hear about an amber alert i pretty much just assume its a little blonde girl

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I think it's fantastic that they have found so many different ways of spreading the word of an Amber Alert. It was on all the busses today, got a text message, it was all over twitter, etc.

Certainly helps when the public is so well informed

Absolutely. It's nice to see social media having a positive effect on society once in a while...

Buddy of mine is not on Facebook or Twitter, but he knew about the kids being found as soon as it happened. He's a schoolteacher and it seems like they have their own network for these types of things.

Good news all around.

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