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[Report] Todd McLellan and Doug Wilson staying in San Jose


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SAN JOSE, Calif. -- The San Jose Sharks are bringing back coach Todd McLellan and general manager Doug Wilson for another season.

Owner Hasso Plattner issued a statement Wednesday saying he was disappointed with the way the season finished but that he supports Wilson's recommendation to keep McLellan.

The Sharks lost the final four games of a seven-game series in the first round of the playoffs against Los Angeles. They became the fourth NHL team ever to lose a best-of-seven series after winning the first three games.

The Sharks managed only two goals in the final three games in the latest playoff disappointment for a franchise that has the second-most points in the regular season the past 10 seasons but is still looking for its first Stanley Cup appearance.

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Coach wasbt the issue deniro.

Its no show joe

Yea, but it's like with the Canucks. No personnel could be changed under AV so you fire the coach.

How you can sell the fans on being a contender again with the exact same formula that has failed for the last 5 years is kind of funny.

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Their players/core is the problem. Not coaching.

good on them for not taking the easy route and firing the coach. They do realize their team is not a team built for the playoffs

Both valid reasons for Doug Wilson to be fired.

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Bad move here, coach is great but do they really not see that SJ is only good as a regular season team? The only new faces to come out there so far has been couture and Hertl, otherwise the core is stale. Consistent playoff chokes like that should be cause for a new GM.

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