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Curtis Valk for AHL tryout?

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Last 2 years in WHL

GP G A TP PM +/-

2012-13Medicine Hat Tigers WHL 71 46 45 91 54 -6

2013-14 Medicine Hat Tigers WHL 72 47 45 92 36 33

He is 21 now. Surprised he isn't in the AHL. Wouldn't hurt to give him a try out since Shink should be going to AHL next year as well and when Shink left Medicine hat, Valk took over for Captain.

170 pounds for weight 5'9 for height so I guess those are the issues

Anyone know about his speed?

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Sorry too small.

Never seen him play, but apparently the kid plays with bite and has some talent in spite of being a midget by NHL standards. By some off chance, Valk has traits similar to Gallagher, wouldn't you want to at least take a look at the kid? Even if he's signed to a Comets contract and is sent to the 'zoo for a season, it would surely be worth the $50k to $80k, no? I think that was Aquilini/Gillis' bar bill in Boston after rolling into Beantown up 2-0 back in 2011.

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