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(Discussion) Should Canucks take Fluery at 6th overall

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The strong points of Fleury's game are things we already have in excess on this squad. Hamhuis, Garrison, Tanev and sometimes Bieksa are all excellent shutdown blueliners. There is really no reason to draft the kid unless we plan to completely dismantle this squad and I would be astonished if he's in our organizations top 10-12 draft list.

You do realize that he's 17 and by the time he's ready Hamhuis and Bieksa will be 36+ with expired contracts.

The draft is about the future not the now, obviously our defence is fine right now. That doesn't hold us back from drafting D-men in the next 3 drafts if they are who the GM likes.

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You need an elite defenceman in the NHL to win. Look at the last 4 or 5 Stanley Cup winners.

Alberts is gone and who said Subban or Cederholm are guaranteed to work out? You missed Hutton who could be good along with a couple other interesting guys coming up who may turn into gems but you only get the chance to draft a guy like Fleury once in a blue moon. I say do it, especially considering we have a number of talented forwards coming up.

Fleury won't be an elite D-Man.

Canucks would be better off picking one of the forwards and shipping Kesler off for Pouliot +. Pouliot & Tanev in the top 4, not bad, but no elite D-Man and another top 4 is needed. Maybe Corrado depending on how he turns out.

Then there is also the forwards, say we draft Ritchie and acquire Bennett in a Pittsburgh deal.

Shinkaruk, Horvat, Ritchie, Kassian, Jensen, Bennett, and Gaunce in top 9. Looks okay, but missing a first line center and someone else.

After this weak draft, elite D-Man and top line center still needed. Whatever else is less important. This will take longer than people think.

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You could argue on both ends. My thing with going offense over defense is there's a lot more offensive potential in the top 10 of this draft. If we take lets say Virtanen, were assured a guy with second line, maybe even first line potential.The same arguments for defense getting older and everything can be made for offense as well. Fleury is a good defender, and if we somehow managed to maybe trade Kesler and get that 10th pick from the Ducks, I would definitely say grab him if he's there after getting offense at 6. I think with how well we draft defense in later rounds, and the current state of our defense, its a no brainer offense is a priority. Maybe we trade back up into late first and get a guy like Julius Honka. He has a ton of potential. Maybe in round 2, we grab a guy like Travis Sanheim. Another strong option not with the 6th pick. There are options out there. But offense has to be a priority with the Sedins aging, Kesler and Burrows as long term question marks, no doubt in my mind we need offense.

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