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[Proposal] Kesler + Subban for Etem +10th overall [Anaheim]

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Anaheim only has so much of a window with Perry + Getzlaf.

They have a lot of sweet young prospects like Smythe Pelly and Silverberg. But they need to find the balance between them.

Kesler bumps Benino to 3rd line center and Anaheim gets very deep


Jordan Subban

Emerson Etem

10th overall from Ottawa

Etem is seasoned form the AHL and is ready to make the NHL jump in a top 9 role. He was benched form the LA series but showed real promise. He was on a line with Shinkaruk that resulted in both of them gettin 100 point seasons.

Virtanen is well known to lots of posters and would finally give us depth that looks like having 2nd liner wingers on our top 3 lines.

Select Ritchie and Virtanen

Shinkaruk Etem Kassian

Ritchie Horvat Virtanen

Daniel Henrik Jensen

Burrows Gaunce Richardson

Santorelli Higgins

Edler Bieksa

Garrison Tanev

Hamhuis Stanton

Corrado Weber


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Take away Subban and the Ducks add a conditional 2nd in 2015. If the Ducks make the Finals it turns into a 1st.

Lets draft a skilled guy like Kapanen or Nylander with the 10th overall pick or maybe even Fleury if we are drafting Ritchie 6th.

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If the trade was going to happen I'd select Virtanen/Draisaitl at the 6th pick and the 10th pick I'd draft Ehlers. We don't need an elephant.(Ritchie)

Ritchie has more stick akill than ehlers

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Kesler alone can get that + more. No need to add on our side.

Seriously overrating Kesler.

It was rumored that Anaheim offered two of thier first 4 picks in this years draft plus either Rakell or Etem, so how is Kesler alone an over payment? if it's Kesler and Subban then more needs to come back than just Etem and the 10th pick, especially since Anaheim is a divisonal opponent.

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I'd be curious to know what percent of people on CDC only wants to trade Kesler to Anaheim because of that 10th overall pick? I was for it in the beginning but now im reconsidering because of the whole divisional thing, I know some people aren't bothered by that but theres pros/cons to every scenario regarding a Kesler trade.

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Could you imagine if we got Virtanen and Ritchie!!!

I wouldn't be excited picking two similar players. We need a playmaker like H. Sedin. Both Virtanen and Ritchie are North-South head down kind of guys.

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If Kesler and a prospect go to Anaheim they will have to send back at least Bonino plus one of Etem, Rackell, Smith-Pelley plus the 10th overall pick.

Yep, because if Kesler goes to Anaheim, they would be winning another cup. Getzlaf, Perry, Kesler, Koivu....that is just too much.

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