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If "This" report on Tort is true, I apologize for supporting Tort.


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For the past season I had been in support of Tortorella. I think it was important to have a coach that is as passionate about the game as the players do.

Then today I read this (from Gary Mason):


If even just one of the stories listed in there are true (and it sounds like it is), I apologize for supporting Tortorella.

Tortorella lights into David Booth for being late for the meeting and Booth says, ‘Uh wait a minute, I was here five minutes early,’
Tortorella was at some point in the season trying to put pressure on Mike Gillis to have ownership buy out Burrows’ contract.
players didn’t think they were practicing enough and that Tortorella took practice seriously enough…
One of the things he did that really struck people as odd – he didn’t look at videotape of the team he was going to be facing.
Tortorella did not have one single conversation with Travis Green all season. Not one.”
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