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[Proposal] Time to trade the Twins

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Lol we have fans wanting to trade players like Kesler, heart and soul of this team, the Sedin twins, the guys who have gave it their all for Vancouver, Burrows (Again, heart and soul). Don't kid yourself man, all those "Trolls" are telling the truth. This proposal is clear example of it.

I don't want the sedins traded.

You don't want them traded.

A majority of responders to this thread don't want them traded.

Quite a predicament since Canuck fans are the worst in the league because we all want them traded. Either we are not really Canuck fans or maybe it's not a consensus and it's different people giving different ideas.

So my point stands.

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At least one of Barkov/ Bjugstad/ Huberdeau needs to come back, along with probably with one or two of Campbell/ Fleischmann/ Boyes, and 1st round picks to get the Twins. It'd help greatly with the rebuild but it'd still suck to not have them around.

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