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The Official Da Vinci's Demons Thread


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This has been a show that has really helped me enjoy my Saturday nights. It's fiction but does let non academics get a glimpse of what this writer believed Da Vinci was as a person in a way that normal people can relate to without requiring university degrees.

Definitely took the torch from game of thrones to be honest as far as my favorites go :)

This show starts in the art capital of Italy, Florence, in the 1400s, but reaches out to Catholic Rome and South America in it's rather adventuresome plot. It definitely is a great show in all ways and encourages non intellectuals to take an interest in one of our most important trail blazers. I highly recommend this show as the right program to watch Saturday night. Great acting, decent violent body count haha , nudity (the mistress of Medici in season 1 is a bombshell), etc.

Watch as a bastard breaks every societal rule you could think of in his journey to find his own truth and quite frankly shape our existence as we know it in some way shape or form.

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