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[Proposal] Van-Anh

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To Anaheim:
Kesler, Booth, 6th

To Vancouver
10th, 27th, 38th, 58th, 88th, Etem

Kesler = 27th, 38th, Etem

6th + Booth = 10th, 58th, 88th


If we truly wanted to rebuild and get some young players on the roster next year, having 7 picks in the top 90 and opening up 2 roster spots would be a good start.

Flame away! :towel:

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i dont get why we are getting some many picks :picard::picard:

The general asking price for Kesler has been 3 pieces.

The general asking price for moving up in the first round is a later first + 2 picks or a good prospect.

Was just looking at a Kesler trade from a different point of view. We've all seen the Etem + Vetanen + 27th etc.

I just wanted to have some fun with it. Long spring...

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This needs to happen

one of the following:

Etem, Theadore, 10th, 27th for Kesler, 68th, Labate

Pouliot, Bennett, 1st for Kesler and 68th

I am ok with these two options.

I love Kesler and happy I have his jersey on my wall, BUT I really hope Linden doesn't convince him to stay, I hope he convinces him to help us get great value for him. Canucks need injection of youth and prospects are not super strong but will be after a good Kesler trade

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I think we'd have to add but Etem,Theodore, and their 10th pick is the package I'd want from Anaheim.

Theodore: Reminds me of a more offensively gifted Hamhuis who could QB and Powerplay.

Etem: Obviously would be dynamite with Shink in the top 6. Two very different skillsets that work extremely well together

10th pick: Steers us in the direction we want to go. Blue chip prospects will still be on the board, I won't take a guess who we'd take but I'd trust Linden to make the right decision

As for the OP that seems like an unrealistic amount of draft picks involved the the trade

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