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Should we go after (UFA) Manny Malhotra?



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I know he didn't leave on good terms but it's a new management team and I thought he looked great this year in Carolina (not sure if they plan on re-signing him). If Manny would accept the role he'd make a great 4th line center + he's a guy I'd want all our young players to be around and learn from. I'd personally love to have him back even if it took a 2 year deal to make happen, let me know what you guys think.

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Definitely, his 40 goals is gonna help us make the playoffs next year.

Joking aside, I hate what Gillis did to Malhotra. Basically called him blind and told him to f**k off and retire.

Gillis was in a 'no-win' situation .. if he lets Manny play for the Canucks despite the medical diagnosis, and Manny loses the sight in his other eye, then Gillis and the Canucks are morally, and possibly legally, responsible.

If he lets Manny walk and Manny resumes his career without incident, then Gillis "Basically called him blind and told him to f**k off and retire."? That is the furthest thing from the truth .. most thinking folks, who had access to the previous information, saw the Manny situation for the "Catch-22" that is was.

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