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Oates would like to coach Canucks


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Am I the only person hoping that Benning picks a coach out of left field. Someone we look at and say "Yeh, wow I never thought about him but I like this move."

I know it's a bit risky but if Benning knows his man and thinks he is ready then I'll be fine with it. I'm still hurting a bit about AV I suppose, as I saw him as a "dynasty coach" stamping his personality into the club and retiring to a waterside lodge on the banks of Lake Champlain aged 78 :)

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Oates was a fantastic player which is why I don't think he should be the coach. Great players had the ability to see things others couldn't, so when it comes to dealing with players that don't have the same vision/iq it could be frustrating and hard to understand why the players can't adapt + learn as quickly and see things that they could. That's just my opinion on former great players becoming coaches in any sport. Like others have said Oates being an assistant and helping our power play would be fantastic

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