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[Rumour] - Kesler was almost traded to Ducks!


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Murray said he would like to improve the center position. Anaheim was close to getting Ryan Keslerof the Vancouver Canucks at the NHL Trade Deadline, but Murray didn't want to offer any current player on his roster to get Kesler.

I'll offer as much for certain pieces as I did at the trade deadline. I definitely tried very hard to add something and it didn't work, and we offered a lot.

Source: http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=719946&navid=nhl:topheads

What do you all think? What do you think was in the deal to get it done?

The ducks have some good young guys I'd want like devante smith pelly.

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So they asked Kesler to waive and he said yes?

I'm guessing they might have ahead of time so they could shop him. Why else would you shop a player with a NTC.

I'm more interested in what the offer was.... and why MG turned it down.

I'm guessing if they weren't gonna give us a current roster player, then I'd turn it down too.

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Anyone know if the Ducks even have any good prospects worth anything?

Now with the ducks out, I'm guessing they are more willing to give up a roster player.

The Ducks have a lot of prospects worth something. Rakell, Etem, W.Karlsson, Theodore, Vatanen, etc.

If we could get Rakell, Etem, pick I'd be all over that

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I want Ryan to have a legitmate shot at winning the cup. And I want us to grab another guy in the top 10.

Etem was a high end draft pick and worked well with Shinaruk. That plus the #10 would put us in a great spot to get Virtanen as well as one of Ehler, Nylander and Ritchie.

Etem , 10th plus their 1st in 2015 does it for me.

Its a win for Kesler , the Ducks, and us.

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Done... happy cry baby!

You messed up the quote, it's a reason people want sources because people like you don't know how to read apparently.

I highly doubt they were anywhere near Kesler, I doubt MG would have pulled the trigger without getting at least a young roster player.

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I am in a timewarp, this is old news isn't it? I could live with the 10th but I think we can get something a lot better than Etem. I have some doubts about him.

I would want more for Kesler, that Pouliot from Pitt and their first would be better.

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