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I think everyone just thinks that they know everything about the canucks and who to get and when to get em... BS. I think we need a great defensive d-man. Many people say '' Oh the canucks can never score goals''. Well did any of you think about our defence? Although this may be costly, I think its totally worth it.

To Montreal: Chris Higgins, Alex burrows, 3 rd pick

To Vancouver: Josh Gorges.

I think we do this deal because: Besides Tanev, we are lacking a stay at home defender. We desperately

need more people who can block shots, through out the occasional hit, and most of all play smart.

I think Montreal does this deal because: Maybe they need a change of scenery, Just like us. Josh gorges will likely waive so he can play in his home town province.


cheers, canuck2

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Montreal is thin on the blueline w/ many young guys coming up and many starters close to retirement. Gorges will be their 2nd best dman when Markov retires (soon) and thus will maybe play w/ PK. They've already got lots of good forwards. They're one of those teams that don't need to trade, but they need to be patient w/ their prospects.

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So we need a strictly defensive D-man who costs $4M to add to our stable of $4M+ defenders, when we're thin on scoring depth already and you trade away two of our more consistent forwards? We already have Hamhuis who can play big minutes and is mobile, plus several other safe, mobile depth defenders (Stanton, Tanev). Why do we need Gorges at that price and we have a 5th D who costs $4M, when up front we're left with an even more reduced roster? There's no readily available left wing on the 2nd line that we won't have to overpay for in the UFA market, nor do we have one on the team (granted Higgins is a tweener, but he's still a bargain scoring option). I'm also not sold on how much scoring support the Top-6 would have from that bottom 6, with Higgy and Burr out of the equation.

Sedin - Sedin - Jensen
_____ - Kes - Kassian
Matthias - Horvat - Booth
Archibald - Rich - Hansen

Hamhuis - Bieksa
Edler - Gorges
Garrison - Tanev
Stanton, Weber

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Pure defensive defenseman wanted? How about Clayton Stoner?

Free Agent, grew up on Vancouver Island, could be had 1- 2 million.

Best part: No assets given up

I like stoner, but like to see our youth get a shot

Assuming we trade one of the big 4

3 big 4 left


Leaves 2 spots, like one to be for Corrado, and, weber or Stanton or stoner.?

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