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Horvat = Toews

Shinkaruk = Kane

Kassian = Nash

Cassels = Vermette

Subban = Yandle

Cederholm = Boychuk

Fox = Perry

Gaunce = E.Staal

Eriksson = sky is the limit.

What about...

I think Horvat may be like Kesler with more offensive prowness worst case maybe a Kelly (BOS).

Shink reminds me a lot of Kane or Parise. Think he will at least be a top 6 likely top liner imo.

Kassian kinda reminds of me a younger James Neal (PIT).

Cassels imo is the most interesting of the picks. I cant think of any nhl player that would relate to him.

Subban is going to be his own beast. Cant think of a similar player for his size. Best comparable is a smaller maybe slightly less skilled PK.

Cederholm reminds me of a mix of a Duncan Keith-Matty Ohlund. I know the Keith comparison is a bit nutty but maybe tis just the winter hawks jersey leaning me that way lol. (Kids got uber potential).

Fox reminds me a young Brian Gionta someone who will be an impact player who can step it up when it matters most. Prob wont

have high numbers prob topping out around 50-60 points. I know Gionta is a bad comparison.

Gaunce maybe like a Thomas Plekanec with better defensive skill-set. (Optomistic I know)

Eriksson maybe like one of those soft european goalies of the 90s who can lead a team for a few years then dwindles into the night. Cant think of a good comparison. (Not trolling)

Lol maybe im just bored. I do think Eriksson will be a starter though but I dont think he will remain a starter for a long duration if he does indeed make it. He may never break the backup position though. Watch me eat my words though :D I would be happy with that too :D

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