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Why have the away jerseys disappeared from shop.nhl.com?


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There'd be a rumour or even an announcement of a jersey change well before any website updating their catalogue, as they'd still have to sell what stock they have. Besides, why would just the away jersey change in any case?

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I know a lot of people will disagree, but I find buying away jerseys a waste of money and pointless. I'd never do it.

I buy a jersey to support their colours and to get the nice looking home jersey. Not the generic white one used on the roads.

I think the Nux home jersey is beautiful, and the away jersey is ugly.

During the playoffs, I love seeing all the Blue in the crowd. It's amazing.

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I prefer the colours as well, but you do get some white jerseys that are quite nice. For instance, I bought the 40th anniversary jersey because it looked so good.

But then the beer and food stains show a little more on the white too, so that's another reason not to buy one.

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