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(Rumour) John Weisbrod to be signed as AGM of canucks

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According to bob Mackenzie 1st intermission comments Blackhawks/kings game.

John Weisbrod is to be named AGM of Canucks

NHL Executive

Dallas Stars

On July 14, 2005, the Dallas Stars of the NHL announced that Weisbrod had joined the team as a scout for the New England region.

Boston Bruins

After a season with the Stars, Weisbrod joined the scouting staff of the Boston Bruins on September 14, 2006 as a pro scout based out of Tampa, Florida. After two seasons scouting the professional leagues, Weisbrod became the Bruins' Director of Collegiate Scouting.

Calgary Flames

On June 27, 2011, Weisbrod was named the Assistant General Manager of Player Personnel of the Calgary Flames after winning a Stanley Cup ring with the Bruins.On December 12, 2013, he was relieved of his duties.

He was also served as General Manager and Chief Operating Officer of the Orlando Magic, of the National Basketball Association from 2004-2005.

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Assistant GM for the Canucks?

And source?

Just Bob Mackenzie stating it's his belief that Benning will make Weisbrod his AGM of the Canucks.

Here's a bit of background on him. Prior relationship is with Benning in Boston and former GM of the Orlando Magic.

The guy seems very highly thought of in sports circles.


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Was kind of hoping for Tim Burke since San Jose has drafted pretty well the last few years he has been in that organization but maybe it was a pipe dream.

Hopefully this guy is a solid pickup and this isn't just an old pals act from JB

It's possible San Jose wasn't willing to release him.

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