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[Botchford] Kesler gave a list of 6 (revisited)

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How is it that this was written May 14th and I've never seen it until now? This is the sort of news that makes the media in Vancouver explode and yet...nothing. I can't help but wonder if this is more conjecture than a report. Or perhaps this is what Kesler gave to Gillis last season, whose apparent trades for Kes and Edler were then nixed.

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Tampa has a lot of great young prospects. but not familiar with them so cant make a proposal

Detroit Mantha 2nd 2014?? 2 much ?

Colorado Ryan O'Reilly Buy we add our 2nd round pick

Ana Etem, Theodore, 1st (10th)

Pitts - Pouliot, 1st,bennet

To me id go with the Col(O'Reilly fills the whole as are 2nd line center and will be great for years to come) or Ana(cause we can take Virtanen at 10 cause of this injury)

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Kesler has already given the Canucks six teams he’d be willing to waive his no-trade clause for: Anaheim, Colorado, Detroit, Tampa Bay, Chicago and Pittsburgh.

Unfortunately for the Canucks, there were only fits with two of those teams heading toward the March trade deadline — Anaheim and Pittsburgh.

The way this sounds, the list was given at the deadline.

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Hahah my first trade/rumour post that isn't a fail!

Except that it was neither a trade nor a rumour. :lol: It's just another Botchford article speculating on what might happen. Heck, we do that all day long. The difference is, he gets paid for it.

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Surprised a few aren't on it

Philly (offer sheet, plus style of play of the organization)

NYR (Big City, American boy, good team, I guess he wants to move on from AV)

LA (Fit their style of play, California, contender, although crowded at center)

Surprised about Tampa.

- No guarantee that Callahan stays

- No guarantee underrated prospects will overachieve again. (best examples is Conacher)

- Had a cinderella year (like they had with Boucher), I wouldn't be surprise if they'd miss the playoff next year

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This is just a Botch article with absolutely no new information at all concerning Ryan Kesler. Title needs to be edited or thread should be locked.

This. This was published a week ago and it was referring to when Kesler supposedly gave a list of 6 teams prior to the deadline of where he wanted to go. This has since apparently changed, if it was even true in the first place.

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TB: Something around Killorn or Purcell plus Kucherov and 2nd pick? They'd still be stacked up front

Drouin* - Stamkos - Callahan
Palat - Filppula - Kesler

Chicago/ Anaheim? We'd better tear them a good one if we give them Kes.

Pittsburgh: Not sold on Sutter as a 2nd line center, and do they have any other good C prospects coming up through their pipeline? If not, a couple of young D-men and a pick as a return works just fine, since we could just re-package them to other teams for young forwards.

Colorado? Doubt they'd need him when they already have O'Reilly, Duchene, Mac and maybe Stastny as center options

Detroit: part of me thinks that they don't really need him, plus it might be time for them to keep their kids in big roles (aside from explosive guys like Tatar, Nyquist and Jurco on the wings they also have guys like Sheahan who they can play up the middle behind Datsyuk, Z-berg, Helm and Weiss if he rebounds)

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He will waive for Tampa, Detroit, Colorado, Anaheim, Chicago, and Pittsburgh.



I apologize if it's already been posted, but I wasn't aware of this.

Tampa : no thank you

Detroit : Kesler for tatar kronwall and something else

Colorado : duchene or nno thank u

Anaheim: meh... they wouldn't give anything worth while.

Chicago: no way in hell

Pittsburg : Malkin or bust.

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