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downundacanuck you are by far the stupidest troll ive wasted my time reading on here. first of all burr has had more than 2 good seasons. there is a reason y he is hated cuz he does his job well u fool and to say 4 mill is a huge chunk of our cap this isnt 1979 bro yes he had a bad year get over it i love when people say injuries are not an excuse so if joey batz broke both his arms do u expect him to smash 40 hr for the jays this year oh and how did burr attain those injuries ? oh ya he was sacrificing his body to block a shot.and to actually say that playing d and all the other intangables dont count my god i sincerely hope u go back under whatever bridge you crawled up from under to spew the most idiotic crap i have ever read in my life. btw his game 7 against the hawks alone is worth 4 mill a year if u recall he scored both goals that game. and brought ou r province off are collective feet. fee fi fo fum i smell the crap from someone dumb. god i wish i could find you right now and bite ur knarled twisted hairy finger off to pay omage to #14 who bleeds blue and green for us 24/7 365 so in closing kiss my white a** and talk to me when burr notches 40 next year while hopefully wearing jonny canuck and not that stupid a** orca youve just been schooled punk....sorry i know off topic but go and read this idiots post under torts wanted to buy out burr i feel i have to expose this chump . thanks

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