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James Reimer RFA


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I honestly believe that Lack is a good goalie but as a number 1 goalie its hard to say. While Markstrom considered better than Lack is still not ready to be our go to guy. In my opinion let him mature in Utica before calling him again.

As for Reimer he maybe the same age as Lack but has a lot of experience compare to him. Reimer is RFA may we consider trading to get the guy? And I also think that he really like to be the number 1 guy not as a back up. With his skill and a better Dmen than the leafs we will have a solid defensive line up next season.

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No thank you. Sure Reimer has more experience but hasn't shown enough consistent success in the NHL. If we are going to bring in another goalie we need someone with SUCCESSFUL experience that we can rely on until Lack shows he's ready to be our starting goalie of the future. I was originally thinking Brian Elliot or Jaroslav Halak, but both are signed now so maybe Jonas Hiller?

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