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2014 NHL Mock Draft [14 GMs Available]


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I know that How Ya Drouin organized a mock draft earlier but I saw some participants were disappointed and I decided to try another one.


How to become a GM: I will look at your background and see if you've been auto-picked or have been unactive in other fantasy leagues but otherwise it is still first come first serve and you get to choose your team.

Order: The draft order will be determined by the standings after the conference finals if we aren't ready to go before it ends.

Picks: The drafting window will be between 8AM to 1AM (Pacific time). You will have 5 hours to make your pick. If you don't pick within the 5 hours I will pick the best player available based on the CSS Final Rankings, 3:1 NA to European player.

Trades: All trades at the draft must be Cap Compliant with a $71M maximum salary cap. You can use capgeek.com to help you with that. Pick trading can only be 2014s and 2015s. Negotiate your trades by PM not in the forum. The trade needs to be confirmed by the teams. If the player has a full NTC/NMC then we'll need 5 participants to agree the player waiving or disagree to the player waiving (the 2 GMs involved in the trade can not).

FA Signings: You will be able to sign your own free agents both RFA and UFA, I will be the judge for the signing if it is reasonable or not. You can acquire other team's UFA rights or RFA rights and sign the player.

After you make your pick, PM the other GM and tell them it is their turn to pick.
We will start once we have the 30 GM spots filled in.

Now, alot of people ask what's the point of trading player to player if it just a mock draft? The point of this mock draft is to make your team the best, both in the NHL and in the system. Like Chicago, they have a strong prospect pool and still the best team in the NHL. So try to make your team the best on the NHL and also in the system.

Anaheim Ducks: Langdon Algur
Arizona Coyotes:
Boston Bruins:
Buffalo Sabres: Claude Giroux.
Calgary Flames: RogerEpic5.
Carolina Hurricanes: Herberts Vasiljevs.
Chicago Blackhawks:
Colorado Avalanche: CanucksVia.
Columbus Blue Jackets: Euphoria/
Dallas Stars: HowYaDrouin
Detroit Red Wings: Plum
Edmonton Oilers: Hunter Horvat
Florida Panthers: Gally.
Los Angeles Kings:
Minnesota Wild:
Montreal Canadiens:
Nashville Predators: jaymok
New Jersey Devils: OptionalPants
New York Islanders: Sedins 55.
New York Rangers:
Ottawa Senators:
Philadelphia Flyers:
Pittsburgh Penguins:
San Jose Sharks:
St Louis Blues:
Tampa Bay Lightning:
Toronto Maple Leafs: TheEhrhoffEffect.
Vancouver Canucks: Derp
Washington Capitals:
Winnipeg Jets: Justdean10

Please commit to all the 7 rounds of this mock draft, if you have any doubts that you may not be able to go through all of it during the mock draft then please reassign. I want this to be fun, enjoyable and a learning activity for everyone.

Assistant GM's shouldn't feel like they aren't part of this mock draft because most likely a few guys will probably quit during the mock draft and those AGM's will be able to take up spots so don't get discouraged if you don't get a full GM spot.

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Round One

1. Florida Panthers:

2. Buffalo Sabres:

3. Edmonton Oilers:

4. Calgary Flames:

5. New York Islanders:

6. Vancouver Canucks:

7. Carolina Hurricanes:

8. Toronto Maple Leafs:

9. Winnipeg Jets:

10. Anaheim Ducks:

11. Nashville Predators:

12. Arizona Coyotes:

13. Washington Capitals:

14. Dallas Stars:

15. Detroit Red Wings:

16. Columbus Blue Jackets:

17. Philadelphia Flyers:

18. Minnesota Wild:

19. Tampa Bay Lightning:

20. San Jose Sharks:

21. St Louis Blues:

22. Colorado Avalanche:

23. Pittsburgh Penguins:

24. Anaheim Ducks:

25. Boston Bruins:

26. N/A

27. N/A

28. N/A

29. N/A

30. New Jersey Devils:

Round 2

31. Buffalo Sabres

32. Florida Panthers
33. St. Louis Blues (from Edmonton)
34. Calgary Flames
35. New York Islanders
36. Vancouver Canucks
37. Carolina Hurricanes
38. Anaheim Ducks (from Toronto)
39. Buffalo Sabres (from Winnipeg via Minnesota)
40. Ottawa Senators
41. New Jersey Devils
42. Nashville Predators
43. Arizona Coyotes
44. Washington Capitals
45. Dallas Stars
46. Nashville Predators (from Detroit)
47. Columbus Blue Jackets
48. Philadelphia Flyers
49. Buffalo Sabres (from Minnesota)
50. Tampa Bay Lightning
51. San Jose Sharks
52. St. Louis Blues
53. San Jose Sharks (from Pittsburgh)
54. Calgary Flames (from Colorado)
55. Anaheim Ducks
56. Boston Bruins
Round Three
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There was time confusion. I didn't want it to happen, so believe me I was chapped.

I'm 100% committed. When is it anyways?

Alright I'll give you a chance.

It'll be once we get all the spots filled up, but say if the Conference Finals are in a game 7 the same day we reach 30 GM's then I'll just let the Conference Finals finish.

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