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[Proposal] Anaheim - Vancouver, (Kesler)

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Andrew Cogliano

Matt Beleskey

Nick Bonino


Ryan Kesler

2nd Round 2014 (36th)

3rd Round 2015 (Turns to 2nd Round if we make it to the Conference Finals)


The trade would help us get a lot more young and exciting. Bonino and Cogliano are both 26 and Beleskey is 25. Cogliano is locked up till 2018 at 3 mill per year. Beleskey is signed until 2017 at 1.9 mill per, and Bonino is inked until 2017 @ 1.35 mill per year. With the addition of all 3 it makes usa younger, faster, more exciting team.

It benefits Anaheim in that they can slot a few young players that they have into their lineup. Kesler is also the piece they are missing past Perry and Getzlaf that could take them too the cup. Along with that comes basically a late 1st rounder (36th overall) and a 3rd rounder which potentially could change too a 2nd if the 3 do in fact help take us deep into the playoffs.

In terms of cap we'd be getting rid of Keslers 5 mill and taking in 6.25. Basically we gain 1.25 mill on top of it all.

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Don't think that's the right trade for kesler.... Management would want top prospects and picks

Precisely. It's not also right trade for us but Anaheim too. Bonino and Cogliano are their Burrows/Higgins but better. Wouldn't make sense for both teams it seems especially for Van.

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