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You have $18, pick your 6 starters

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Ovechkin 3 - Lemieux 4 - Lafleur 1

Bourque 4 - Coffey 4

Brodeur 2

Lafleur at one dollar is totally worth it

Totally worth it lol. He's arguably the best guy out of that group for the cheapest. No brainer. Also Marty arguably the best goalie at $2 is a no brainer too.

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My forwards have chemistry with each other.

My d-core is unbelievable in its own zone, yet is able to put up a lot of goals. Robinson is the most underrated d-man on this list (and possibly all-time).

Brodeur is on the same level as Roy, so I'll choose the discounted goalie.

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Marty in net for 2 dollars

Ovie and Kurri on the wings for 5 dollars

Mario in center for 4 dollars

Stevens and Orr for 6 dollars

I have an extra dollar for Dale weise.

Dale Weise is $6.

Anyway I'd take,




Those other guys probably cant even skate/might be dead.

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