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Are you cheering for the Montreal Canadians?

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All I can say is I hope no Canadian team wins the Stanley Cup for the first time or again before the Vancouver Canucks win one.

I don't like the Chicago Blackhawks or the LA Kings or the Carolina Hurricanes for that matter. But, I don't want to have to listen to how awesome the Montreal Canadians, the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Ottawa Senators, the Winnipeg Jets, the Edmonton Oilers or the Calgary Flames are!

Maybe I'm just a bitter tortured long time Canuck Fan.... But I don't care!

We want the cup first!

Your thoughts?

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Sort of. Not cheering for them but they are the least of the evils. I don't want AV to win a cup, I hate LA and Chicago.

And this is the NHL not the Olympics. Cheering for them just because they are Canadian is ridiculous.

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Yes - I can't stand it anymore.

It's been over 20 years since a Canadian team won.

Even if the Habs come back and advance to the SCF, I highly doubt they are any match for the Kings nor the Hawks.

Still, I will cheer for any team from Canada once the Canucks are out.

If the Habs get eliminated, then I don't care.

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Can't stand LA or Chicago so I'm absolutely going for Montreal since they're my second favourite team. If they lose wouldn't have a problem with the Rangers winning, only downside to that is we'll never hear the end of it because of AV.

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Of course I want Montreal to win, not cheering for Canada doesn't make sense. On the other hand shouldn't we be cheering for the team with the most number of Canadians on it?

I thought it was retarded when more than half of Canada was cheering for the Bruins to beat the Canucks. That is retarded. I believe the poll showed BC, Sask, and Manitoba were the only provinces wanting the Canucks to win.

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Cheering? No.

Loathe them the least? Yes.

Vancouver has been beaten in playoff history by New York Rangers, LA Kings, and Chicago.

Rather see them win a cup than the other three.

Not a fan of any of the teams.

it would be so typical for the Canucks if the Rangers win

they beat us in 1994, we got back to the finals in 2011 and lost.

they get back to the finals on the 20 year anniversary of them beating us and do what we couldn't, and they also do it with our ex-coach.

if the rangers win the cup it's just one more sign that the Canucks are just destined never to win it lol

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