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[propsoal] my offseason game plan

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here's just a thought on one possible outcome of this offseason (plus I cannot sleep)

move one: Kesler and 3rd to Ana for Etem, 10th, 1st round

move two: buy out Booth

move three: draft 2 of MDC, Nylander, Ritchie, Virtanen... (pretty much whoever Benning thinks is best available at 6th and 10th)

move(s) four: re-sign RFAs
- sign Tanev (not sure his contract value but I cant see it being over 3.5 million per right now)
- sign Kassian to a two year 1.75
- sign Weber to a 1 year 750,000

move(s) five: sign UFAs
- sign M. Grabovski (2 year 4.5 million)
- sign N. Kulemin (2 year 3 million)
- sign M. Santorelli (1 year 1.5 million)
- might have to look into sign a veteran D man too

line up:

Sedin - Sedin - Kassian
Burrows - Grabo - Etem
Higgins - Horvat - Kulemin
Jensen - Mathias - Hansen
(Richardson and Santo)

Hammer - Juice
Edler - Tanev
Garrison - Yeber


- At a cap of 68 million there should be about 1.7 left over to acquire if need be for a push
- Grabo and Kulemin are rumored (never looked into validity of) to want to play together and they are both good

- Kulemin is a fast, “heavy” foward who can score on the third line while playing a solid forecheck game

- Grabo replaces Kesler’s offence and is a great 2 way centre who can score AND pass (at 2 years they also tied over till some of the youth is more ready)
- each foward line also has a bunch of youth on it (Kassian, Etem, Horvat, and Jensen)
- call ups for forwards (Shink, Gaunce, Kenins, Grenier, Lain, Sestito, Zalewski)
- call ups for d (Corrado, Tommernes, Andersson)

these articles discuss Grabo, Kulemin and their fancy stats



ps - If we could trade Hansen (+ pick/low prospect) for a young D-man that would be good too (to TB for Barberio/Sustr, Pengs for Despres, Fla for Olsen...that kind of thing)

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I like the signings ut think we need to try and trade one of our 4+ million defenceman. I think corrado and Stanton should be in our top 6, both our young and Stanton played great before he got injured last year. Weber is a great 7th

Also I don't think Kass is the best linemate for the sedins, Daniel isn't the sniper he was before his concussion and the need a finisher.

Burrows - henrik - Jensen

Daniel - Gabo - Kass

Etem -Horvat - kulemin

Higgins - Mattias - Richardson/Hansen

Trade Hansen or Richardson as neither should be a 13th forward or don't sign kulemin and Higgins on the third and Hansen - Mattias - Richardson as a killer 4th line

On D Edler and Tanev played horrible together last year, I would go

Hammer - Edler

Stanton - Juice

Garrison - Tanev

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Nothing too off the wall here based on what's been proposed before, although I think it'd be tough to get Grabovski to come West and to get him to do so for that price in a fairly week free agency class this summer. Kulemin is a possiblity though, just not sure we'd really need him when we already have Matthias (Richardson as 4th line center) who can play that 3rd line RW and Jensen trying to crack the line up on the right side along with Santorelli.

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If Canucks trade Kesler for prospects/ picks, David Legwand would be a good option.

Great two way centre with a tonne of experience.

Put up 51 points last season and played 83 games.

Try and lock him up for 3 years @ 4 mil

A veteran backup goalie would be nice as well; aka Brodeur ;)

1 year @ 3 mil

I hope the Canucks resign Tanev (for under 3), Santo and Weber as well.

I would hope Benning give's Booth a chance with the new coach before he buys him out.

I thought he was "ONE" of the better players in the last stretch of the season.












The Canuck's were right in the mix at Christmas, I don't think they were far off from being in a playoff spot. The roster suggested above isn't a rebuild, but more of a band-aid until some prospects can make the jump in a full time role with the club.



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