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Song: Jimmy B (Jim Benning) - Parody of The Beatles' "Let it Be"

Canuck Clay

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Last week, Canucks' President Trevor Linden named Jim Benning (affectionately referred to as "Jimmy B" for the purposes of our video) as the 11th General Manager in franchise history.

As soon as the hire was officially announced, a few of my Twitter friends had song suggestions for me. But Steve May went one step further: he wrote an entire song and sent the lyrics to me.

Thus, I proudly present to you my latest Clay's Canucks Composition: "Jimmy B" an ode to new General Manager Jim Benning to the tune of The Beatles' classic "Let it Be".

As always, I'm joined by the amazing Marie Hui; there is absolutely nothing that this girl can't sing!




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Version as sung by Francesco Aquilini:

When the team found themselves in trouble

Trevor Linden came to me

Speaking words of wisdom, "Jimmy B."

And after I fired Mike Gillis

Linden's standing right in front of me

Speaking words of wisdom, "Jimmy B."

"Jimmy B... Jimmy B!

Jimmy B. Jimmy B?

Neely will let us have: Jimmy B."

And when the broken Sedins tremble

Ryan Kesler wants to leave

Who will have an answer? Jimmy B.

And when the core's disassembled

Right there for all to see

Who will be our saviour? Jimmy B.

Jimmy B. Jimmy B, yeah!

Jimmy B. Jimmy B?

He will be our saviour. Jimmy B.

And when next season's over

There is no playoffs for my team to see

There's no playoff games again, Jimmy B.

I wake up to the sound of draftpicks

Jimmy B has selected for me

There will be a future, hopefully.

Hopefully. Hopefully!

Hopefully, yeah. Hopefully?

There will be some seats filled. Hopefully.

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