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[Value Of] Chris Tanev

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Look at guys like Hamhuis, Vlasic, Hjarmlsson and J-bo. None of these guys score much, all are vital to their teams, most Olympians. Tanev has been better defensively than Hamhuis for some time now. He's 24, only getting better. He has the frame, the skating and the smarts. How much better are any of those guys defensively? not much..if at all..

His offense is getting pretty decent, all the guys above scored in the 20's save for J-bo(33p). Tanevs 6 goals is more than any of them (fewest games as well), and his 17p in 64 games is as good or better a pace than all but J-bo's 33p. This is on one of the most offensively inept teams in the league, without pp time.

He has huge value to us, easily our best young player and I think will become a better player than any prospect we currently have.

He is already our best D-man, and the gap will grow next season, and the next, and the next.

He is not better than Hamhuis. Dan gets the toughest opposition and is relied on for huge minutes and can hit way more than Tanev. Ask any GM in the league who they would take off the Canucks D and it would be Hamhuis, Bieksa, Edler in that order just for their physicality and huge minutes they can log.
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Also like Tanev a lot, & often shake my head at his coolness under pressure. If he had a nice shot, the guy would probably have Doughty-upside.

Big problem is that lean & lanky build. D usually have to use their size(lean on guys), esp in front of their net/along the walls.

Seems there are 2 seasons, every year. Oct' til about mid-March(PO-run); then from mid-March 'til someone hoists the Cup. In 1 of these 2 seasons, Tanev is approaching all star-status.

Also like Corrado. If Tanev could fetch a great return, I'd consider it. Would like some more youth (with size) on the blueline.

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I disagree with your ceiling. Although he lacks intangibles I think he could be top pairing if he plays with a left handed star.

He's still so young so I don't really know what to make of him. He's not physical, he's not very offensive minded but he only makes like 3 bad plays a year haha. It's really hard to judge or put a cap on talent like that because who do you compare him to? He's like a talentless Lidstrom haha always the right play but no allstar intangibles.

I think the best thing to do with him is keep him and see what happens. What is he 23? Most dmen don't crack the league until now and then they take 5 years to be able to play the game properly and consistently. He got as good as he is by 23 so who know where he will be when he's 26/27. Maybe the offense comes? If he can learn a high end defense first game by this early age I don't doubt he could be filling the net one day too. He's that damn smart when it comes to hockey.

No point in trading him now but in a few years you could get a massive overpayment from a D starved team if he keeps improving. That is if he's not already our best player by then and we keep him.

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