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The fans destroyed this team


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Tell that to Seahawk opponents.

Our media and fans turned on our team when we were still 3rd in our division. I'm not saying that we would have made the playoffs if they hadn't. Knowing your fans are against you and hoping you fail is not condusive to winning. It would be nice if more fans actually cheered for our team.

Every fan wants the big prize. Turning on our players won't help with that.

I thought you said the league was rigged and outcomes were manufactured by refs. In that world how could the fans have anything to do with it?

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Most of the fans of the Canucks are not members of CDC and many more do not even live in Vancouver, so I don't know how the OP knows what the fans are thinking.

People that keep harping about how bad the Nuck fans are should go check out other team boards. Try Edm with all the bag head people or TO who "destroyed their team' by booing Wilson and Burke (who were subsequently fired).

Meanwhile, LA and Chi are the most arrogant fans and Boston...well, what can I say about Boston...

Try some of the other pro sports! Yep just bad people all around.

This doesn't even make sense. Vancouver fans are as arrogant as they get.

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