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You reading this, yeah you, you made the Canucks lose!


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Av is in the finals.

The Canucks didn't make the playoffs.

Kesler is being talked about on this forum.

Luongo AND Schneider were traded.

Gillis lost his job.

My feelings are hurt.

The Canucks haven't drafted well.

You say mean things and speculate about NHL players INCLUDING our Vancouver Canuck players.

Henrik AND Daniel both got hurt this year.


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I blame myself.

I broke a mirror during that kings canucks game I'm early January. After the tito penalty 27 minutes... and then during the kes brown fight I was swinging harder and faster than I ever did.

Nothing like Kes avenging his Canadian goalie vs his disgusting country men brown.

I think I'm going to fake not ccheering for the team until 2021 January.

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