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[Proposal] Van - Col

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To Van: Barrie

To Col: Bieksa + 2nd rd.

*Assuming NTC is waved*

Colorado does this because they have some nice defenseive prospects coming up to replace Barrie, and Bieksa adds grit and veteran leadership on the blueline.

Vancouver does this because they get an NHL-ready prospect to help the retool all while getting rid of a big(ish) contract and it makes it easier to unload some of our own defensive prospects if needed in another trade (ie. Kesler)


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Barrie's not a prospect anymore (going into his 3rd year), and I wouldn't be too motivated to do this trade since we still have the likes of Corrado who I think could become a hybrid between KB and TB (primarily a puck-mover with steady play and some physicality) and I'd think that within 2 full seasons he'd be able to get around 30 points himself to become comparable with TB, so when Frank is in his prime we'd have two puck-movers but not enough grit. What's more, I'd rather move Garrison before Bieksa.

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There are always people going to be mad when we trade someone. You think all the 'peeps' are okay with trading Kesler? He's basically the face of the franchise. Changes need to be made without emotions involved.

You think KB waives his NTC?

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