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SCF: (5) New York Rangers vs (6) Los Angeles Kings

Who will win the series?  

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The Kings could are good enough to beat the Bettman boost for at least a couple of games but the attrition of playing 21 playoff games is going to make it incredibly challenging to beat the Rangers with all the calls going against them.

Kings only played one more game than the Rags. I think it'll be a good series.

The refs don't decide games, the players do.

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I'm hoping Rangers in 6

Don't really like any team, but I f**kin hate LA with a passion. Can't stand anyone on that team from Dustin Brown to Drew Doughty to Johnathan Quick. I hate the city of LA and I hate the LA Kings. I really, really hope NYR just trashes the Kings. After the past few seasons my hatred for LA has grown immensely, I can't stand LA winning another cup.

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Kings have played 21 games already, and looked tired in Game 7. They got lucky.

The only way the Kings win this is if Quick somehow gets his game back, because a good defence always beats a good offence. The Kings are scoring like no team has before, but Quick is a seive right now. Lundqvist VS Quick is a huge mismatch, and although the Rangers offence isn't as good as the Kings, it's good enough to destroy Quick.

Rangers in 5 or 6 if Quick plays well for a game or two.

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CDC's best case scenario:

Both teams are disqualified for rampant PED abuse. Subsequent sweeping league investigations reveal that 29 of 30 teams have abused PEDs and their season results are nullified.

The one team that is not disqualified and is awared the Cup by default: Vancouver.

If not, I'll say Kings in 6.

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