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Expectations Too High For Kesler Trade?


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Rumoured returns have been

Sutter, Pouliot, 1st

Vatanen, Etem/Palmieri, 10th

Return for (in brackets highest goal total by player in one season prior to getting traded)

Ryan: Silfverberg(10), Noesen, 1st

Carter: Voracek(16), 1st and 3rd

Carter: Johnson(8), 1st

Richards: Simmonds(16) Schenn

Nash, Delisle, 3rd: Dubinsky(24), Anisimov(18), Erixon, 1st

Nash was two years younger and had a lot more term left on his deal and at the time of the trade was considered one of the best players in the league.

Carter and Richards had considerable term left at favorable caphits and were younger at time of trades. Neither had NTCs.

Ryan was also younger, but had similar term to Kesler. No NTC.

Kesler will be 30 before next season, has two years left on his contract and has a NTC. In my opinion he does have more value than Ryan did last year, but ANA was able to shop him to any one of the other 29 teams.

With all this in mind I think Pouliot is unlikely, I think you are looking at Sutter and picks, or some thing similar from another team.

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I think Pens need Kesler more desperately than us having to trade him. We can use other teams as leverage to drive up the price. If they don't wanna part with Poliout then that's fine. We can get something better from Anaheim than Sutter and picks. Pens loss, not ours

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It's a forum with a mass of Canucks fans with a serious mob mentality. Of course they're going to come up with crap like Kesler for Malkin and STILL ask for picks coming our way. I just stay clear of Trade Rumours/Proposals altogether. That's where all the delusional bias people gather in a giant cesspool.

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