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(Proposal) EDM and moving Yak

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If I’m the Oilers, I’m trading Yak before the seasons out. He’s still young and has a high value. He’s RFA at the end of next season and will likely demand the salary bar that the oil already set at 6 million. Yak isn’t (hasn’t proven it yet) that he’s worth a $6 million contract. Does he hold out for the type of money (probably)? Does his value drop if he’s holding out? Yes, ex Turris.

He does still have superstar potential, but so do Hall, Eberle, and Nuge. A fourth becomes a redundant piece.

If you look at the Oil’s top 6 (Eberle Hall Nuge Yak, Gagner, Perron) they have zero size/weight. It’s why the Oil are so high on Leon Draisaitl and would pass up drafting Bennett to pick him. Gagner, Yak/Eberle need to be moved out eventually to replace pure skill with some mix of skill and size. Why not start now?

I’ve come up with a few idea’s

Option 1

EDM: Yakupov + Ganger + 3rd round pick

WPG: Evander Kane + 9th overall

Jets may be weary of Yakupov after watching Burmistrov bolt to KHL but if they are thinking about moving Kane, why not replace him with two young skilled players. The jets did pretty well with Kane missing significant amount of time last season. Yak can’t help bring some pure skill to the lineup and Gagner can replace Jokinen. They still have Ladd, Wheeler, Frolik, Scheifele and the odd games Big Buff plays forward in the line for size, so they can afford to have some smaller forwards added.

Oilers could use a PWF like Kane in the lineup, they then draft Draisaitl and Fleury. EDM turns 2 players that are on the way out into 2 big solid picks and a game breaking PWF.

Possible deal to be made but unlikely.

Option 2

EDM: Yakupov

NYI: 5th overall + 3rd round pick

A lot more risk as EDM gets two unproven players. If EDM was confident in who they want at 5 they’d be more willing to part with this. NYI needs to win now. They’ve giving up next year 2015 pick so they need to make sure that next year is a success and not a lost opportunity on missing out on McDavid. Yakupov still has that super star potential. If he lives up to his hype, he will be a star in Long Island. Not only does NYI get an current impact NHL player that can help them improve next season. They also get exciting star that can bring fans into their new building and he’s only 20 years of age. This isn’t the be all move for the NYI, but gets them the most current value moving their 5th pick.

Oilers then can draft Reinhart/ Draisaitl and number 3 and then pick Dal Colle or Ritchie at number 5. The get some big skilled players added to their top 6. Yes Yak will likely have more NHL success then either Ritchie or Dal Colle but he doesn’t fit the team needs and both Ritchie or Dal Colle do. If Ritchie becomes the PWF he is projected to be, his role would fill a much higher need on the Oilers roster, a role that is costly to acquire once that type of player is developed.

Possible deal to be made but unlikely.

Option 3

EDM: Yakupov + 2nd round

FLA: 1st overall

If the panthers are truly considering trading away their first overall pick. Why not for another former first overall? FLA needs skilled wingers and it is thought that they might trade down to pick Ehlers. Yakupov has less risk and higher potential than Ehlers, so this would be a win. Although it was a while ago, another skilled Russian had high success in a panthers uniform. Yakupov can go into that lineup and immediately make that roster better. He would move out of the big pacific division and play in an area where skill is enhanced. With some strong goaltending the panthers would see some major improvements and some exciting hockey the next few years. Just what those fans need.

EDM on the other hand would then have two picks in the top 3. Ekblad would seem like the smart first overall pick and then they choose between Reinhart/Draisaitl at number 3. Ekblad is said to the be most NHL ready prospect and a pairing of Ekblad and Nurse would be some strong building points for the Oil moving forward.

All these deals makes the Oilers top six more complete, than it currently is now. It sucks having to give up on a player with superstar potential but Canucks don’t make the cup final without players like Linden and Courtnall. They need more of a mix in their top 6 and these are all options to give them that mix. And besides, it’s not like they are giving up their one and only superstar potential player.

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Kane+9th overall>Yakupov+Gagner+3rd round

5th overall+3rd round pick>Yakupov

1st overall>Yakupov+2nd round

These trades won't work

Your really undervaluing Yak who's already put up decent numbers in the NHL. Maybe not what is expected right out of the hop like some first round pick but still reasonable for a 19 year old. Perhaps a little bias?

Funny how people can still say Galchenyuk is MTL's future yet say Yak is terrible considering they've almost put up the exact same numbers and Yak's played on a way worse team.

Those deals are more than fair an in most cases EDM would be overpaying.

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The only issue I can see with the Winnipeg deal is that Edmonton is giving up a lot just to get another disgruntled winger. Kane has a ton of talent, but Edmonton seems to be a place that can't get the most out of it's players. For Kane to be of any real value they would have to have a lot of confidence he wouldn't have the exact same issues that Yak is having.

As for the Florida trade, can't see it at all. Ekblad has far more value to Florida than Yakupov does. They already have a dearth of solid forward prospects. I would also take Reinhart over Yakupov and a 2nd at this point.

Maybe if Edmonton made that 2nd rounder a 1st for next year.

I think the NYI deal could be something realistic however.

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I honestly think Yak is one of the most overrated young players in the league. Most people think he's still 1st overall value/worth - that is simply wrong lol. Common sense once you but something, the value decreases unless it works amazingly and here Yak hasn't played to his hype. He is a 1 dimensional player and not worth nearly as much as people say he is. Sure a desperate team or two will overpay out of desperation but other than that, the sane teams know he's not worth what the Oilers would want.

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