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How would we know if there has or hasn't been any interviews with anyone? Benning was interviewed before the Bruins were eliminated.

Benning was an AGM he didnt have any impact on the game so he could go to Vancouver even if there was a game the next day. A coach needs to be there for the game and practices. We have to wait till Desjardins and Stevens are out of the playoffs till Benning and Linden start the interviews.

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Right now, I think Trotz was the only big fish in the pool and he's gone (you could also add Laviolette, who's gone as well). Compared to last year when Torts, AV, Ruff were all availabe and it was unknown if Tippits would re-sign or not.

The rest of the field is wide open and chances are teams won't be fighting over the same guy.

Therefore I don't think there is a rush for us to choose our coach, because of the lack of big names and also the limited numbers of teams looking for a head coach (Florida, Carolina is basically it). And if they are both looking at Stevens and Desjardins, I think we have an advantage because of the market and the better roster.

So I think we can afford to wait until playoff are over.

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