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eddie lack


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I would keep him and bring in a competent goalie who can split games. He's clearly not ready for a big workload, so find him a mentor who can handle 35-40 games and let's see what happens.

Agree with everything but the notion of bringing in a mentor...that's the role that Rollie the Goalie Coach plays. IMO, Eddie is a lot closer to being in a leadership/core role than being in a role where he is being groomed (other than the technical stuff that Rollie is there for).

I'd like to see the Canucks bring in a guy like James Reimer to share the net for the next couple of seasons. Reimer, because he's young, has been through the Toronto pressure cooker, been in a starting role, have played in some big games, big and athletic, could probably benefit from having someone like Rollie coach him, and seems to be a guy who Eddie can mesh with.

I don't know enough about Markstrom (and I'm probably tainted by Tortorella's opinion of him - "he's just not ready"), but I'd rather see a Lack-Reimer combo than a Lack-Markstrom combo.

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Benning said he is open to getting an upgrade in net what does that mean for eddie does he get traded does he backup or does he start he is a great guy and is an up lift to the team.

It means that he's willing to sign or trade for a more experienced goalie if the price is right!

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I have no idea who the 2 who voted no were, but I cannot fathom why. He would have to be part of some great trade.

there were originally 2 different poll questions, posing the exact same question with opposite wording. i answered no to both.

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