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[Proposal] Vancouver Canucks 2014 Offseason

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I have been reading through the proposal section of the board for quite some time and have always wanted to voice my opinion a little bit of what I hope/want to happen with the Canucks in this upcoming off-season. Some of the ideas below may be recycled from other proposals presented by other users, so I apologize if there is something here that you came up with and haven't been given credit, as I have read a number of proposals the past several weeks, and have been thinking about what the Canucks should do since the announcement of Benning as GM.

Trade #1: Getting the 1st Overall Pick from Florida.

This may be a cliche move, but I honestly think that the Panthers will move the pick into a spot in the 4-7 range and select Ehlers or Nylander, while picking up additional assets to further supplement their current roster and make a push for the playoffs. I see the new Benning/Linden regime wanting to make a splash this draft, as probably won't have an asset like the 6th overall pick again, so I see them doing something with it.

To Florida: Jason Garrison, Brendan Gaunce, 6th Overall Pick

To Vancouver: 1st Overall Pick (Sam Reinhart), 4th Round Pick

Vancouver Perspective:

With a Vancouver kid being touted as the best prospect in this draft (arguably), I see Benning/Linden trying to move up and use that player as a pillar for the organization. After the Sedins and Kesler, there isn't much in terms of blue chip, 1st line quality prospects in the system. Horvat has been touted as a 2nd line, two way forward type player, which all teams need, but he doesn't fill that role of a top line player like Sam Reinhart would. Jensen/Shinkaruk/Fox are all more supplemental players than franchise players, so there is a void in the Canucks organization for that type of prospect.

Sam fills that void perfectly, being a local kid and the son of a former Canuck. He would be cut from the same cloth as Benning and Linden, who are both former players from the organization and have ties to the city. With Benning being, reportedly, high on Reinhart, I see this as a distinct possibility.

As for losing Gaunce and Garrison, there is a price that needs to be paid to move up to get the 1st Overall selection. There is a reason why the pick is rarely moved, and it would take a lot to make it happen. Gaunce may have a high ceiling, but if Reinhart-Horvat are the two centers going forward, there would be no room for him to develop into a top 6 role. As for Garrison, I think he would be the most likely to move from the back end. He hasn't really worked out in Vancouver as was expected, and going back to Florida and partnering with Campbell would be best for him and his career, along with the Panthers playoff chances.

Florida Perspective:

Yes, they move the coveted 1st Overall selection, but they could potentially walk out of the top 10 of the draft with Ehlers+Gaunce+Garrison, filling many voids in their organization and making them a bit more competitive in the short term and a lot better long term. Gaunce should be able to crack their roster in a 3rd line role next season, and Garrison is a proven commodity there, and should be solid alongside Campbell again. With reports indicating that the Panthers want to push for a playoff spot, I don't see how this wouldn't entice them. They need another top 4 dman, and they end up getting a 20 year old center to step in right away, alongside the player they wanted in the draft in Ehlers.

Trade #2: Acquiring Griffin Reinhart from New York

Reuniting the Reinhart brothers in their home city could be a huge boost to the local market and could possibly give the Canucks a lot of stability on both the offensive side and defensive side of the puck for years to come. Although it may be a tad bit unrealistic to acquire both Sam and Griffin, I wouldn't be surprised if Benning/Linden tried at least to inquire about the possibility.

To New York: Alexander Edler

To Vancouver: Griffin Reinhart, 2nd Round Pick

The major complication in this deal would obviously be Edler's NTC, but if that was somehow out of the equation (ie: forcing him to pretty much waive), I could easily see this as a viable option for the Canucks and Islanders.

Vancouver Perspective:

It wouldn't be easy moving a player of Edler's talent (although he had a pretty bad year last season), who could potentially pan out as a top pairing guy and putting all their eggs in the basket of Griffin Reinhart, but he is a player that may be worth the risk. Griffin has all the tools to be a stud defenceman, and playing in his hometown alongside his brother on his dad's old team may be some extra motivation.

Reinhart would be the face of the defence in a few seasons, and would have some excellent mentors in Hamhuis and Bieksa. Factor in the fact he is NHL ready by all accounts, and there is a chance he steps into the lineup right away.

New York Perspective:

Much like the Panthers, the goal for the Islanders is to make the playoffs. They have sacrificed their 2015 1st Rounder so I don't see them holding back at all this offseason and making a true push for a shot at the playoffs. They are moving into their new building and into a new city (part of the city?), so they will be re-branding in a way.

A player like Edler alongside the likes of Hamonic, de Haan, Visnovsky, Pullock, and Pokka is an amazing d-core for the future (minus Visnovsky) and should be solid moving into next season. With Halak in net, a stronger defensive core alongside their offense could potentially be enough to push them into the playoffs.

Free Agent Signings:

1. Michael Cammalleri - 2 years/$10M ($5,000,000 cap hit)

2. Kyle Quincy - 2 Years/$8M ($4,000,000 cap hit)

3. Ray Emery - 1 Year ($2,000,000 cap hit)

With over $7,000,000 in cap space, there are a ton of moves that could be made elsewhere, such as acquiring another goaltender instead of Emery (Miller or Hiller for example), but I think the Canucks will give Lack a shot at being the number 1 going forward.

Final Roster:

Daniel Sedin ($7.000m) / Henrik Sedin ($7.000m) / Nicklas Jensen ($0.863m)
Alexandre Burrows ($4.500m) / Ryan Kesler ($5.000m) / Mike Cammalleri ($5.000m)
Chris Higgins ($2.500m) / Bo Horvat ($0.894m) / Zack Kassian ($2.000m)
Brad Richardson ($1.150m) / Shawn Matthias ($1.750m) / Jannik Hansen ($2.500m)
Mike Santorelli ($1.500m) /
Dan Hamhuis ($4.500m) / Kevin Bieksa ($4.600m)
Griffin Reinhart ($0.863m) / Chris Tanev ($3.000m)
Kyle Quincey ($4.000m) / Ryan Stanton ($0.550m)
Frank Corrado ($0.591m) /
Eddie Lack ($1.150m)
Ray Emery ($2.000m)
David Booth ($0.000m)
Keith Ballard ($0.000m)
Jacob Markstrom ($0.275m)
RETAINED SALARIES (1.13% of upper limit)
Roberto Luongo ($0.800m—15.00%)
CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter)
(estimations for 2014-15)
SALARY CAP: $71,100,000; CAP PAYROLL: $63,986,944; BONUSES: $3,208,333
CAP SPACE (22-man roster): $7,113,056

* Final roster does not include Sam Reinhart because there maybe a chance that he doesn't make the team out of camp and the Canucks feel he could use another year in Juniors. Maybe if a signing like Cammalleri does not work out, he could slot into a role in the top 9.

This roster, IMO, would be pretty competitive and filled with some great young talent in the coming years.

This took a while to write up, and I apologize for such a long post. But if you have any comments, I would love to spark a little discussion. What do you like/don't like. What would you do different?

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IMO, no way Edler gets Reinhart AND a 2nd.

I may be a bit optimistic, but I'm a fan of Edler's game. If it were straight across, I wouldn't be too upset. Hard to move a player like Edler straight across for a rookie if he's at the top of his game (maybe regains form with a coach like Stevens/Willy).

But yeah, I'll admit, a bit too optimistic with that return :P

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Where's Max Reinhart?

Deadline acquisition at the deadline in March. Media needs a story around that time anyways. What's better than all the Reinhart's being united in Vancouver ;)

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Ok linden said wants Edler here, so nixing that idea.

Honestly if we traded up for number 1, if we want to take Reinhart, what I would do is first find what buffalo is doing, if they want Bennett not Reinhart, trade back with Edmonton for 3rd. Gaining us extra assets.

Also think Garrison has enough value to trade up without loosing Gaunce .

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IF Fla took Ekblad...

Trade for #2 pick...

Send:Garrison(or Tanev), Horvat & our #6.

Receive: #2 pick(Reinhart) & Ristolainen.

Just posting this idea to get other's input on value.

If we get Reinhart, there's honestly not a need for Horvat anymore. He would be a solid 2nd liner, but Guance could turn into that. I like Ristolainen a lot since he could be a great dman in the future. The blueline gets some help going forward and we add a blue chipper up front. I actually like it a lot.

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1. Question is, will Garrison waive?

2. Not sure the Isles will do that. Reinhart played well during the Memorial Cup, and looks NHL ready to me. I think he'll be playing top 4 minutes next year for NYI. Also, he was a top 5 pick, not too easy to get those guys. And, again, the NTC problem. Edler likely wouldn't waive.

Side note. I just looked at their defensive prospects, they're absolutely loaded there. De Haan, Hamonic, Reinhart, Pulock, Pokka, Donovan, Hickey, etc.

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1. Question is, will Garrison waive?

2. Not sure the Isles will do that. Reinhart played well during the Memorial Cup, and looks NHL ready to me. I think he'll be playing top 4 minutes next year for NYI. Also, he was a top 5 pick, not too easy to get those guys. And, again, the NTC problem. Edler likely wouldn't waive.

Side note. I just looked at their defensive prospects, they're absolutely loaded there. De Haan, Hamonic, Reinhart, Pulock, Pokka, Donovan, Hickey, etc.

You also have to factor in their need to improve rapidly(so their lost 2015 1st isn't a lotto p). Send them a couple cheap, key vets(even retain some cap), & they might be susceptible to persuasion.

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Yeah, the isles could be a great trading partner.

They need a backup goalie, and veteran wingers - not much depth on the left wing.

We have a glut of versatile wingers...

Pieces we could send them include Higgins, Hansen, Markstrom and even Booth if they'd take him.

A solid experienced young defenseman like Stanton might also be of interest to them if they think their d prospects need a bit more time. Higgy and Hansen would improve their PK and general defensive abilities immediately.

I'd be happy if we could acquire any one of : G. Reinhart, R. Strome or their 5th pick

Not sure which of our assets we'd have to give up to acquire any of these, but it would be interesting to hear what they want for Reinhart or Strome or the 5th pick.

If we can get Strome from them, we may not need to try to acquire the #1 pick and draft S. Reinhart, as Strome has great potential and could be that future # 1 center.

If we can get Strome, keep our 6th pick and target a winger with that pick. Dal Colle, Nylander or Virtanen for example.

If we acquire their 5th overall pick instead... gives us the # 5 and # 6 pick.

Lots of interesting options if we try to make a trade with the Islanders.

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