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Happy National Doughnut day, everyone!


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At Krispy Kreme, customers can get a free doughnut of any variety (i believe this applies to Canada as well). No purchase is necessary. Tim Horton’s in the US are offering a free doughnut with any purchase. Customers have to say, “Happy National Doughnut Day” to collect their freebie.

Not sure if any places are offering freebies in Canada outside of krispy kreme, but Dunkin Donuts is also offering a fee doughnut with a purchase of any beverage in the US.

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I always eat Boston Cream doughnuts the same way.

I stick my tongue into the little opening where the cream went in and penetrate the doughnut. Then as my tongue slowly works its way into the moist inner part, I sensually spread open the doughnut until is spread eagle. Then I dive in and slurp up the cream until it's dry. Then finish off the chocolate covered dough in a couple of bites.

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