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Should we add UFA Defenceman Matt Greene?

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We have been missing size and a net clearing presence since Gillis stupidly let Willie Mitchell go. What do you think of attempting to sign Matt Greene this summer? He has played amazing in the SC playoffs and the opposing team forwards are full of bruises without him taking penalties. His foot speed is below average, but can be paired with a puck mover like Corrado. I don't think he will leave LA but you never know.

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First things first, since you're a relatively new/infrequent poster you should check out this thread on how to post proposals: All Threads Must Contain Tags

Next up, Gillis didn't stupidly let Mitchell go, he tried to get him back at a reduced price considering the uncertainty of his health since he hadn't played in half a year de to the concussion from the Malkin hit from behind.

And finally, we already have a bunch of defenceman making solid money so I have no idea where he would fit, especially if he signs at around his current rate of $3M.

But also the bit about him likely not leaving LA (and why he'd come here if he did), foot speed, etc.

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