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I think this is the best route we can take right now. If Kesler has requested a trade, then we basically have no chance of making the playoffs unless we sign Stastny or sell the farm for someone to replace him. The latter would be an absolutely horrible decision. And I don't see Stastny signing with us. I want us to do a full rebuild by trading players that are willing to move on. Obviously we will keep veterans so we don't become an embarrassment like the Oilers.

1. Kesler (50%) to Anaheim for Etem, 10th overall, conditional 2015 2nd that becomes a 1st if they make it to the conference final. We retain half his salary for the next 2 years to maximize the return. Should not be too big of an issue. You can switch Etem with Theodore or Vatanen, but I prefer Etem because he could be a good fit with his buddy Shinkaruk.

2. Edler to Detroit for 15th overall + Jurco. You can switch the 15th overall with their 2015 1st but I would prefer the 15th this year. You can swtich Jurco with Sproul who is a good OFD or Tatar but I like Jurco because I think he will be an effective two way forward and he has some size. IIRC Edler has to give a list of 5 teams he would accept a trade to, and I think Detroit would be one of them.

3. Higgins + Hansen for Pittsburgh 2015 1st + 2015 5th. Pretty straight forward. Pens need forward depth and they get a couple of two way third liners. Trading these 2 opens up spots for some of our prospects.

4. Richardson + Sauve to Colorado for 2015 3rd. Colorado gets a solid 3/4 C. Sauve is a throw, in we don't really need him. They can re-sign him/let him go/throw him in the garbage IDC.

5. 6th round pick to St. Louis for Cody Beach. He would be a face puncher for Utica.

6. Re-sign Kassian for $1.75M x 2 years. He's our best young roster forward and he's finally panning out.

7. Re-sign Tanev for $3.75M x 2 years. Our best young roster player right now, would be absolutely retarded to trade him when he's been our best defensemen this past year. I honestly think he has #1D potential.

8. Re-sign Schroeder to a 1 year 660K deal. He's close to busting but I would keep him around for 1 more year. We need some competition for the #2-4 center positions.

9. Re-sign Dalpe to a 1 year 550K deal. See Schroeder.

10. Re-sign Weber for 1 year 850K to be our #6/7 D and he's still fairly young.

11. Re-sign Santorelli to a 3 year 2M deal. He was pretty good both offensively and defensively before he got injured. I think he deserves a decent contract.

12. Re-sign Welsh to a 1 year, 2-way contract worth 650k. He was pretty decent in the games he played, he'd make a good 13th forward. Waive him if he's doesn't earn a spot.

I'm not sure if the Sedins would waive their NMC so I left them out. Hometown boys Hamhuis and Garrison who took discounts to play here are unlikely to waive aswell. And obviously Bieksa has publicly stated he's going down with the ship. These 5 and Burrows (who probably has little value right now due to his contract) would provide leadership for the younger core.

Draft picks:

6th overall - Ehlers unless Dal Colle drops to us, then take him.

10th overall - Virtanen or Nylander. If neither of them are available then Kapanen or Fleury.

15th overall - Barbashev or Fabbri.

36th overall - Karlsson or Demko

66th overall - DeAngelo if he drops that far down.

Our roster looks pretty bad after trading this many players but we would have one of the best prospect pools in the league. We would also be in a position to draft a potential franchise player in the 2015 draft. McDavid, Eichel, Hanifin, Barzal, Konecny, Strome.

I think Horvat is NHL ready or pretty close to it, he doesn't have much else to learn at the CHL level and he's the type of player that could hold his own in the NHL. I think giving him 3C duties against somewhat sheltered competition and 2nd unit pp time would be good for him. Maybe let him play in the WJC. Bergeron, Kesler, ROR, Jordan Staal who are all comparable in style made the NHL at age 18/19 and it doesn't seem to have stunted their development or anything.

Also, I don't think we need a veteran goaltender that badly. Luongo seems to have taught Lack a lot and I think he's ready for the starter roll. Obviously we won't be running him into the ground making him start 19 straight games again. Markstrom has some good tools and I think Rollie will be able to get the best out of him, so its not worth losing him to waivers just to get a veteran for Eddie.

I tried to be as realistic as possible... Please tell me your thoughts. Thanks.


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Firstly nothing here is 'unrealistic' but some to me, doesn't make much sense.

1. Kesler deal, I think we can get slighly more but that would certainly get done by Anaheim, but there would be no need to retain salary, especially given his cap hit and the fact they are somewhat underpaying. There will be a bidding war for Kesler, wait and see.

2. Edler is not waiving, Nucks have said they are not moving him, so moot point.

3. Higgins and Hansen would be valuable to Pittsburgh but I'd like to see us keep one of them and the other packaged in a deal to bring us size for the 3rd / 4th line vs picks. They are valuable role players but we need size as they are very similar, 'grit that is skilled and fast' vs intimidating, fast grit, which is what we need.

4. Richardson is highly valuable to our team. He is one of the best 4th line centers in the league. That guy should retire a Canuck, and same as #3 you can't just 'gut' our vets who play with heart and desire, this team will be like edmonton but worse since we don't have edmonton's talent.

5. Dont care

6. Yes

7. Yes

8. Rest don't care.

End of the day, your moves are simple but they gut our team.

Schroeder is not a 4th line center. Either we sign him and give him the 2c or 3c role or don't sign him.

Santorelli is not a 2c, he's a good 3c / depth winger

Matthias is not a 2w he's 3 or 4c / winger

You kept Booth and put him on the 4th line at 4.25 mil vs keep 2 much better wingers better suited for that role and cheaper in Higgins/Hansen, which makes no sense to me

Morrow is useless and old, sign Ott instead if we're signing a gritty 3/4w

Burrows Sedin Jensen

Sedin Horvat (try and sign Stastny)Kassian

Higgins Santo/Schroeder Etem/Smith Pelley (from Anaheim Deal)

Matthias Richardson 4W from Hansen deal

to me this is a much better proposition

Defense was fine other than I'd put Edler back in...

Regardless, I really see 2015 as the 'transition' year that MG expected this year. MG expected Jensen, Horvat, Schroeder and potentially Corrado to push last year.

This year Horvat SHOULD and NEEDS to push for at least the 3c, Schroeder if signed needs to show he's willing to do what it takes to push for 2c, because in reality that's the only role for him on this team given his size. Corrado needs to show he's ready, and hopefully Shinkaruk has healed but he may need time. Jensen needs to show he's ready to be a full timer, Kassian needs to take the next step from strong improvement to solid NHL'er who can be counted on to bring all parts of his game.

Even with the Sedins and rebounds from Edler and Burrows, this team is really caught much as it was when Nazzy was aging and the Sedins were learning to take the ropes. Problem is we don't have the guys now who were at the stage of development that the Sedin's were, this was what Linden meant about push from below.

We don't have the young guys who have played 2-3 years on the 3rd and 4th lines who are ready to push for legitimate 1/2 line roles, other than Kassian (who as above needs to take that next step, and Jensen if he can make that leap quickly helps).

2015 will be a hard year regardless, what we need is as many 'talented/offensive' prospects in the lineup as possible to help them learn from the twins/burr/hammer/bieksa etc.

This is why we really need a couple of roster ready prospects back in the Kesler deal. If we get that, we go from tough year to a maybe/underdog.

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The problem is canucks Prospect pool isn’t that bad. Good teams have a core of 4 forwards, 1 or 2 D and a goalie. The rest of the team can be built around that. And to be honest, it doesn’t have to be built around drafting, the rest it can be trades and UFA’s.

It’s nice to have 10 first line potential forwards in the system but in reality we’d just be hurting their development, at some point they’d have to prove to be the go to guys on an NHL club. Look at Eriksson in our system now, he’s got a long ways to go before he’ll get the opportunity to earn a number 1 spot on our team. There’s only so many roster spots in the NHL many of those draft picks will not pan out and then we’ve just traded solid NHL players for potential that failed.

The other thing I have a problem with is that you’re taking the shot gun approach to prospects. Stock pile as many up as possible and hope a few turn out, all while in the meantime were trading bonafide NHLer’s. It’s best to build a team through multiple drafts over a longer period. That way it’s not a bottle neck when the time comes for players to make the jump. Kane and Toews are 25 and Chicago hasn’t even started to think about building the next phase.

Look at the good teams

Sharp, Kane, Toews, Hossa, Keith, Seabrook, Crawford

Crosby, Malkin, Neal, Kunitz Letang Fleury

Lucic Bergeron, Krejci, Chara, Rask

Every other player on their rosters are tradable.

Canucks Could have:

Kassian, Horvat, Jensen/Shinkaruk, 6th overall, Tanev, _____, Lack/Markstrom

Rebuilding is not the way to go, we still have another 4 years of sedins, we can remain a competitive team making playoff pushes without giving up youth. And then continue to develop, draft, and implement prospects into our roster when they are ready. When a prospect make a veteran replaceable when can then move that vet. Ie. Horvat taking over the 2nd line center role allows us to move out Kes.

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